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Catching Up

14 Jan

So to play a little catch up of what happened between Costume College and December…

After Costume College, I was very inspired but not very motivated. I don’t think I did any sewing in the rest of August. Frankly I had neglected household responsibilities so it wasn’t a bad thing. In late August I hosted a lavish tea party with my close friends. My grandmother had gifted me her tea set some time ago and it was my first chance to use it. We went all out! Cream puffs, scones, Devonshire cream, chocolate mousse cups, cookies, tea sandwiches and sushi. My husband makes very yummy sushi. We dressed up bit not costumes. Frankly the idea of eating all that in a costume seems overwhelming.

In September I did a little bit of sewing. I started a bib front regency dress with the black Swiss dot. I wish I had bought more. I am a little shy and I discovered I really like the fabric. I will post about it once the dress is finished. Otherwise sewing was minimal – mending and an apron.

OctTitus totoroober is an insane month around our house. It is our wedding anniversary and our son’s birthday in the first half of the month. So no sewing. However I did end up teaching two panels at Geek Girl Con – The Corset: Object of Propriety or Liberation and Costuming for Every Body. I have really come to enjoy speaking about costuming in any format but I especially love Geek Girl Con. It is a very welcoming environment. The Corset panel went so-so. I did an intro to corset history that turned into a way too long lecture. In the end we didn’t get to cover any of the topics I intended to cover because we ran out of time. I felt terrible because it was all my fault for rambling on about history for so long. The Costuming for Every Body went a bit better. We had some short presentations and then questions for the last half of the hour. I hope that we got some info out to those who needed it and seem to have positive responses. I dearly wish I had blogged about Geek Girl Con at the time because I would have so much more to say. It has become my favorite local con and something I am greatly looking forward to this year. 

The second half of October was all about Halloween. This was the first year the monster has been old enough to go trick or treating. Previously he was to little and we lived in a terrible neighborhood. It took awhile to get him to decide on a costume. Finally he settled on Totoro from his favorite movie, My Neighbor Totoro. It was a very simple costume and took less than 8 hours spread over a couple days. I used an old animal jump suit pattern from my collection and a couple yards of fleece. Super easy. He loved it and anyone who recognized him loved it. I just wish I had better pictures.

Next up, the Super Secret Christmas Dress and Sharon’s Natural Form Dress.


My Ambitious Plans

2 Mar

I decided to post my sewing projects and events separately from goals tho they are related.  Just to prevent a painfully long post.

Most of the time I wear my costumes to conventions but this year I am hoping to branch out a little bit and attend some “real life” events or make my own.  I have so many costumes that I never bring out except once a year.  And considering the need to have a whole new wardrobe for the big conventions, a lot of costumes are only ever worn once.  It’s just plain silly. So far I have the following events on the schedule:

  • Port Townsand Victorian Festival (3/21-3/23)
  • Emerald City Comic Con (3/28-3/30) – sans costume.
  • Seattle Erotic Arts Festival (June)
  • Costume College (7/31-8/3)*
  • Steamcon (10/3-10/5)*
  • Geek Girl Con (10/11-10/12)*
  • An art exhibit
  • A tea lunch
  • A picnic or out-door festival.

ECCC will be a learning experience.  I have never been and feel a mite nervous about showing up to an unknown event in costume.  I am daring at times but not that daring. Costume College, GGC and Steamcon are the only events I have new costumes planned for.  All the others I intend to dig out something from the closet.  Its possible I will make something for SEAF but it wont be a huge project.  SEAF isn’t really a costume event but I always use it as an excuse to dress up.  Plus it’s not historically based so I can do whatever I want. Costume College is the one I am super excited about.  I went last year and it completely changed how I view my skills, costumes and goals.  But more about that as it approaches.

If the list of events seems long the list of projects is even longer:

  • Regency Round Gown
  • Regency Open Robe
  • Regency Corset
  • Regency Chemise
  • Rococo Stays
  • Green over bust corset
  • Victorian chemise – 1 black, 1 white
  • Slytherian bustle dress
  • Ursula
  • Divine
  • Victorian riding habit
  • 1920’s Dress
  • 1910 Wool suit
  • Victorian Frolicking dress

Obviously some are easier projects than others.  As the year progresses I will likely postpone some projects and add others. I have already started the green corset, chemise and frolicking costume and sketched up the slytherian and Regency ensembles.  Ursula and Divine are both in my head still and will remain so until I am ready to start them.  I have a strange need to keep my more cosplay costumes secret.  It might have to do with the hateful backlash a lot of cosplayers experience when they or their costumes are not up to other people’s expectations.  But lets save that tirade for another day.

I feel pretty comfortable with my construction skills for all the Victorian and 20th century costumes.  The regency ones however are totally new territory.  I am a little terrified about the regency stays because they are so different from Victorian corsets.  The silhouette is SO different.  After a good deal of research, I did a quick draft and toile of a set of stays.  It was an utter disaster!  The shape was right, the body fit well but the boobs had NO support. I tried both the pocket style bust support and the gussets and both failed.  So I decided to bite the bullet and ordered the Laughing Moon Regency Stay Pattern. Right now it’s sitting and waiting for me to have the courage to attempt them again.  I know I will prevail but sometimes tackling a project requires the right moment of determination and courage.