Costume College – Day 2

20 Aug

Friday brought the first day of classes. I had picked up my registration packet the day before and had planned my classes for the day.

First up was Dust Ruffles and Dress Shields presented by Bobbie Kalben (who I had visited the Huntington with). The class was mostly images of extant gowns and period advertisements. I learned a lot about a very specific element of Victorian dress making.  Likely I will be able to incorporate some of this info into future dresses.

Next was a hands on class on making Leather Thimbles. I hate metal thimbles and have been looking for something for a number of years. The class was interesting and I walked away with a prototype thimble which will work well for me with a few adjustments.

I sat in on the first half of the Hand-bound Eyelets class. Didnt learn much but its always nice to realize your technique is what other people are doing. I did get the name Hedgehog Handworks as a source for quality tools and supplies.

Slytherian bustle CoCo

Photo by Rebecca Maiten

The last class of the day for me was on modeling for photos. I am terrible at having my picture taken and last year at CoCo really overwhelmed me with the amount of photos and photographers. The really frustrating part is that because I am so awkward in photos my costumes look terrible. The class was directed at people exactly like me. The teacher had some great tips about posture and more importantly attitude. Obviously the way you feel will reflect in your photos. Its such a hard thing to remember when you are filled with anxiety about photos. I did learn a lot but the hands on section of the class filled me with dread. I had to leave. I am never good with group activities. However I think enough sank in that over time I will be come a little more comfortable.

After classes it was time to get ready for the Ice Cream Social. Because of the Saturday night Red Carpet experience last year was so over whelming, I planned this year to my more impressive costume on Friday night and a more subdued costume on Saturday. So, Friday was the Slytherian Bustle Costume. I am very pleased by the finished costume and I received a bunch of compliments. Apparently the color was very impressive. I was able to use some of the info I learned in the modeling class in the numerous photos I stopped for. Some of them turned out pretty well.

Slytherian bustle CoCo 2

Photo by Rebecca Maiten Featuring Adi Harris petting my arm

The Ice Cream Social was ok over all. I talked to a handful of people I didnt know and a few people I had met last year. And of course I saw some BEAUTIFUL costumes. Unfortunately I dont take pictures. I know – shame on me. However a quick Flickr search turns up a bunch if you are interested.

Over all it was a good start to a great weekend.


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