A Note of Mourning

11 Mar

It is with great sadness that I must say good-bye to my favorite event of the year, Steamcon. Unfortunately another great convention has met an early demise due to financial woes. Of the 5 years Steamcon ran, I volunteered 4 of them (one in the middle I missed due to my son’s birth). I was there at the beginning and now I must witness it’s end.

So now what? What does one do when a major costuming event is unexpectedly cancelled?

Here in Seattle we don’t have a lot of costumed events. Seattle is a dressed down kind of town. I suppose if you went to every costume event you could fill a year but it would require an amazingly diverse wardrobe.

I could infiltrate other events. Norwescon is a big con here in the Seattle area. I’ve been before and never really liked it. A little too cliquish and I’m not really into Sci Fi lit. Same with Sakurai Con. Plus not sure how a fat girl in neo Victorian costume would fit in.

I know there is always the option of making my own event. I have a few ideas percolating. But having been an event organizer for both Steamcon and the Steampunk Exhibition Ball I can tell you it a lot of work with little reward.

I could travel to other cities. This is the most viable option in my eyes. Likely I will check out GEARCon in Portland. Possibly up to Vancouver or out to Port Townsand. Maybe someday I will venture further. I do love to travel but am TERRIBLE at meeting new people.

What to do? I suppose I will trudge on, mourn my beloved convention and attend some smaller local events. Becoming better acquainted with local costumers is my best course of action.


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