1 Mar

I’m a list person. I sometimes think the world is made of list people and non-list people.  One tends not to understand the other type very well.  Since having the Fuss Monster I am finding lists even more important.  Daily lists, weekly lists, monthly lists and now I have added YEARLY lists.  I might have a little obsession.   So a number of weeks ago (ok 2 months) I made my list of sewing for the upcoming year.  I have a list of projects, a list of events and a list of goals.  The list of goals is new this year and I included it to help me focus on improving my skills as a seamstress and designer.  I have always been a goal setter but this year I decided to set some specific long-term goals instead my typical project specific ones.


  • Maintain a sewing blog with regular updates.  Kind of an obvious one.
  • Take photos.  I am TERRIBLE at documenting my work.  There are entire costumes that I have no pictures of.
  • Hand sew hems and closures.  I do this most of the time but if I run short of time it’s where I skimp.  However its a detail that can really up the beauty of a costume and should be prioritized.
  • Don’t forget the accessories, trim and details. I always leave these things to the last-minute and I need to start thinking about them from the beginning.
  • Finish projects!  I think everyone makes this goal.

Personal goals seem simple enough when they are an abstract idea scribbled in a notebook.  Much harder of course is to actually follow thru.  The key for me has been to make sure my goals are supported by my sewing projects and vise versa.  All the lists have to work together and become a large matrix.  Or at least that’s what it looks like in my head.

When I face a project the things I struggle with the most is time.  I’m not as much of a procrastinator as I once was thankfully.  However now my problem is more a lack of time.  The lists help me manage the time I do have and so far the goals are helping me remember what is actually important to me.  When I do have time for my sewing life I now have a bit more direction.  If I continue on this path I might not end up in a mad rush to just finish a project which has always been the case in the past.  However a zebra can’t change its strips as they say.  I’m just hoping the year will be less frantic.


One Response to “Goals”

  1. Angie Bare (Anjuli) March 27, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

    I wish we had actually gotten together while I was living there…it’s ridiculous the number of people I didn’t manage to see. 😦 I would have loved to take photos of costumes for you! It would have been great practice for me, and nice for you to have them! I’m really glad you’re doing this blog, I’m enjoying reading it.

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