An Introduction

13 Feb

I don’t do historical accuracy.  Just to get that admission out in the open.  I love everything about historical clothing and I deeply admire those who painstakingly recreate amazing garments. Its just not me. What I do do is anachronism.  When we don the costumes we work so hard on, we transport ourselves to a different time and place.  But in my trip I am always me – the woman with a punk attitude, pink hair, audacious personality and big butt.  I like me and I always want to be me.  My costumes nor my personality could ever subscribe to to the morals , decorum, or taste of any era.  When I visit another time I take with me my modern attitudes and technology.  I view the world, past and present, with feminist and sex positive eyes.  I believe beauty exists in people of all sizes, shapes and colors.  I believe everyone has a place in the costuming and cosplay world.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog.

Plus sized costumers face a number of challenges in both construction and confidence.  Our costumes require more fabric and trim, extra fitting and often many, many pattern alterations.  Once a costume is ready for the grand party or event, we face our insecurities and nervousness.  Often we perceive ourselves as the absurdly dressed elephant in the room. Images of circus tents and pachyderms can nullify the sense of accomplishments and pride one feels in our beautiful creations.  This feeling is not unique to fat people.  Body dis-morphia of varying degrees is something most women face.  But I am fat by anyone’s standard and my voice comes from that end of the scale.

When I read other costuming blogs (and I read a lot of them) I am overwhelmed by the talent of my fellow costumers.  But what appears to be missing are women who look like me.  There are a few but boy do you have to hunt them down.  There are so many great resources for historic costuming in general but few address the challenges of being plus sized head on.  After a few years of reading all of these voices I finally decided I actually had something to say that might diversify the online costuming world. My experiences as a fat woman might offer a bit of encouragement to someone somewhere.  My skills costuming people of all sizes and shapes might guide someone to a better costume.  My confidence might give someone else a shot in the arm to challenge themselves.  Or maybe not.  Its entirely possible I will be talking to myself.

Primarily this blog will serve to document my personal costume projects and adventures. Whenever possible I will be posting sketches and photos of works in process – assuming I remember to take photos.  I will also be posting my ramblings and rants about body acceptance and diversity in costuming.  I will try to label these because I can not guarantee they will be PG rated.  Lastly I will be posting tips, tricks and info specifically addressing costuming for plus sizes.  If you are only here for the costuming that’s great.  However my hope is everyone leaves with a little bit of body acceptance too.

So without further ado the Goals:

To share personal sewing projects – successes, failures and innovations.

To promote body positive attitudes and acceptance.

To share knowledge of historical costuming and modern construction for “Plus-sizes”.

I hope you will all hold me to these goals.

P.S. – I can’t spell and have horrible grammar.  Please forgive me.  I do try.


One Response to “An Introduction”

  1. Jenn H March 2, 2014 at 11:02 pm #

    What a fabulous goal and blog, Dodi! I am excited to see whats next!

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